FRIDAY, June 25, 2010 MEETING NOTES Volume 44, Issue 39

We had 22 Optimists & guests today. The only guests were our speakers and Sarah Kirshbaum to introduce them. The Mystery Greeter was Milt Rewey who greeted Doug Martin. Charlie Clark, Hap Daus, Tom Nall, John Urness, John Dutcher, Beth Frieders, Milt Rewey, Ernie Thalmann and Howard Crofoot wore their Optimist shirts today.

Today’s Speakers - Nancy Jerrett and Linda Hahn - Grant County Cancer Coalition

Here are Nancy Jerrett and Linda Hahn from the Grant Co. Cancer Coalition. Nancy is the Secretary and Linda is the President. This is a recently formed group that collects money locally to provide financial assistance to cancer patients in Grant County.

The group formed to look into other ways of helping. The American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Society and others are looking for cures. This group wants to help people now with the expense of treatments. They are looking for other groups to help them with fundraising. One lady whose sone was helped by the group donated a quilt for auction. Some young people ages 4 - 7 raised $17.83 from a lemonade stand.

Go to the web site - to get more information and application forms. The application form authorizes the Doctor to release information about the patient to the group. A nurse on the Board validates the diagnosis and gives the patient a “Case Number” to maintain privacy.

So far they have helped 50 families in 3 years. For the first time they have gone 2 months without an application.

The largest support they give is gas cards - about 60% of the donations. It helps defray the cost of travel for treatments. They have paid utility bills, house payments, gift cards to grocery stores, etc. They give a maximum of $1000 per applicant.

Nancy & Linda said that they get contributions from all over, but mostly from the Lancaster area because it started there.

Nancy says the main fundraiser is the Auction and Pie/Ice Cream Social on Sat June 26. They have done Cut-A-Thons with hairdressers and hope to do a wine and cheese event in the fall.

There were many questions and suggestions. Holly recommended auctioning off full pies as well as selling by the slice.

Thanks for the wonderful speech!


This Friday - Stephan Koehler - Grateful German Immigrant (Importance of Being an American)


June 28 – Junior Golf

July 29 – Party in the Park

Aug 18 - 22 – Grant Co Fair

Sep 10 - 12 – Dairy Days


July 9 - Larry Trine - Platteville Area Tennis Assn (PATA)

July 16 - Jack Luedtke - Main Street Program


Eileen Engelke was selected. She drew the 3 of Spades and won $2. The pot before this week’s collection was $176. Good Luck to next week’s winner.

Junior Golf will be on Monday June 28. He needs 6 members who can help keep score from 8:30 – 11:30 that morning. Sign up on the web or call Phil at 348-4321.


The next Board Meeting will be on Thursday, July 8th at 7 AM at Badger Brothers.


We received Thank You notes from Badger Boys & Girls State for our donations.


Jerry wanted to remind us about the SWIS District Convention August 13 & 14 in Pewaukee. There will be other options including shopping tour on Saturday and transportation to performances. Registration Form will be on the SWIS web site in mid July.


It is that time again! Sign up for Grant Co Fair August 18 – 22 and Dairy Days September 10 – 12. Sign up on the web. There is a new item on the request list. John & Gary have requested that someone sign up to be a "coordinator" for the day. That person is the "go to" person for the shift leader in case of questions, needing batter, etc.

There is a request to do Potosi Brewfest on Aug 28. The club will allow Fennimore to do this. Gary Engelke will assist.

Gary Engelke volunteered to help Rhonda Viney so she can pass along to others. The event will be Thursday July 29. Sign up on the web.

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